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Picture taken by our team member during events and random training.
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Drift-tech double knockout 2

Once again another episode of Driftech tournament took place at the Stadium GP circuit on 28th.this time theres more action has been seen and theres no limit of registration.and totaling of 62 participant took part in the event which is the most highest attended event ever in 2009.

due to shortage of time.format has been change according to time management and they decided to proceed with a double knockout tournament with a 2 on 2 battle format to reduce the time consumption by half and it did succeed.with Atoy,mamat kubo as the judge,no penalty no double heat is inquired, track layout has detour with an addition of a quarter pipe and a 6ft gap launcher installed on the track for an option which gave a surprise to the participant

during the race.its a choice to make between jumping with damage or play safe but falling behind, 50% of the racers only attempts the jump and 100% proceed with the quarter pipe.this is the most extreme race ever been organized,and we recorded the most damage encounter during landing,and also the crucial weakness of every different R/C brand.

1st place and new DK goes to Aboy (DBD)
2nd place goes to Asdi (Drift-Tech)
3rd place goes to G-anding (KB-Drifter)

1st place goes to KB PROSHOP
2nd place goes to Drift-Tech Podium
3rd place goes to Wangan showroom

goes to Sukarmi with his fully optioned TA-05 IFS

goes to Raziz (DBD)

and special thanks to the race sponsors MR Mak for his contribution for his luckydraws,special guest MR Mak,PG Samsul (PEMKAR) and all the participant attended the race.


  • once again theres a happenning moments in tudong saji on the 13/6. 32 drivers were participating in the KB drift battle knockout 4,we started the events around 9 n ended at midnyt.tracks were set with lots of turns n tight corners to make the event more challenging for drivers,
on the final round spectators requested a reverse track n 5 lap run for the finalist top 2 battle against hj mamad n was a fun battle between both finalist n battleing out to be the winner

26 (G.M) - Winner
16 (Veroy) - 2nd Place
1 (G. Dilah) - 3rd Place
19 (Mamatkubo) - 4th Place

Drift-Tech Double knockout 1st june 2009

Congratulation to Drift-Tech for winning in the RTB Aksi-Video final with a total of 7160 votes throughout Brunei starring Atoy,mamat and videographer lobo.for that Drif-tech had decided to giveout a TT-01 kit as a grand luckydraw prize.

the list of competitor joining the race was reach to peak with 48 drivers in total and still flooded with waitinglister standby for an open space.even kawanria is running out of control tyres to supply the racers,some had to use bluestripe tyres in the events.

it was lucky the weather had turn cloudy throughout the race(except during preparation),so no one had caught in an overheating problem ontrack.despite with a perfect attendance throughout all participants punctuality time had run short to complete all to a double knockout,organizer had to conserve time by going through a "single heat death knockout" in the 2nd game.people agree with the situation and proceed with the rules.

knockout finals result:
1st place goes to Atoy (Drif-Tech)
2nd place goes to Aboy (DBD)
3rd place goes to Vroy (Drift-Tech)

Dressup result:
1st place goes to Ahoy (DBD) spinning display
2nd place goes to Badtz (TDS) TDS pitstop
3rd place goes to Haris (Driftmonkeys) Red Bull Drifting

Grand prize luckydraw winner:
Eboy (Drift-tech)

we would like to congratulation to Drift-tech for making this event a smooth sailing,Thanks to Budi and crew for attending with his table turning music, and to all Team driver with its jersey from Drift-Tech, KB R/C drifters, TDS, Wangan, Knight Drifters, DBDrifters, Driftmonkeysand individual drivers for participating and supporting in the race.we will see you all again in the upcomming event

KB Drift Battle Khock-out 3 @ Tudong saji

drifters from BSB,Tutong n KB came down to Tudong saji for the KB drift battle knockout 3.Total of 40 drifters from TDS,Wangan,KB drifters n Knight Drifters were participating in the event in conjunction wif the Tudong saji festival.wif all the food stalls,music bands n spectators were there on the happenning nite.

the events was goin out well.all the challange n battle were intense n drifters were struggling n battling out to be in the next round ,n overall it was the best event.

eventhough the event ended around midnight but all the drifters had an exciting moments.a special thanx to KB drifters in organising the event.n we would like to congratulate to the winners n see you all on the next kb event.

Rakan Muda Limbang 1st R/C Drift competition @ Jubli Emas Limbang

7 Supporters from Brunei attend the 1st limbang R/c Drift competition organized by Jabatan Belia dan sukan Limbang with the support from M.S trading company in conjunction with the Carnival Extreme Rakan Muda Limbang.activities such motorcycle show,shuffel competition,ball juggling competition and R/C drifting took place during the carnival.

Badtz,Atoy,Pusu and Lan are the first arrived in limbang in the morning to witness the event setup.we checkin our hotel n prepare ourself for the given for the race are controlled Max concept tyre supplied by M.S warmed up and test our cars an hour before the race.showing up on the race was Hardy(Brunei dirfters) also attending the race and after completion of the 1st round battle was Haris(Driftmonkey) and Fendy(Driftech) arrive on the scene and proceed with the first round.

a total of 17 racers including 7 Brunei Drifters battled out in the race.we were greeted with warm welcome by Limbang locals.during the race,the carnival attracts lots of audiences witnessing the dirft competition,and this cause a stage fright for the drivers on the podium with all eyes on the car n drivers during the race,since this is limbang first ever drift battle competition which caught the interest's of the clouds.

8 racers enter the semifinal round after completing the qualifying session,still standing on the quarterfinals round are Atoy,Fendy,Me and pusu supporters from Brunei and 4 limbang drivers battle out for the top 6 standings by using the point system format.
battled out in the finals are:
5th and 6th position: Ah pui(L) vs Pusu(B)
3rd and 4th position: Ah wee(L) vs Fendy(B)
1st and 2st position: Badtz(B) vs Atoy(B)

5 laps run are given to the finalist (3rd,4th,5th and 6th) to determine their standings, special request are opened for the top 2 drivers and we request 8 laps per heat and counterclockwise track rotation during sudden death,to increase the uncertainty

The Results:
1st place goes to Badtz (TDS)
2nd place goes to Atoy (Driftech)
3rd place goes to Fendy (Driftech)
4th place goes to Ah wee (limbang Street Slydr)
5th place goes to Ah pui (limbang)
6th place goes to Pusu (TDS)

Grand prize luckydraw winner goes to ATOY

After competition of the race we all celebrate together by going to the UK Funfare held at the limbang old airport, burn moonlight at limbang for memories. Then grab ourself a dinner and head back to our Hotel,we all ended up in a Coloring contest in our hotel room organized by ATOY.

we all would like to express our gratitude to all limbang locals for their warm hospitality for our arrival and we Congratulate Pusat Belia dan sukan Limbang (Organizer), Irwandi (emcee), M.S. (Supporter(Gilman)), little M, Hobby heaven(KL) for the lucky draw and for making limbang 1st ever R/C competition a success.Thank you from all of us.

Knight Drifter 1st Drift Point + battle tournament @ warisan

with majority of sponsors supporting Knight Drifters tournament,it does make a happening event for the crowds n participant,with tracks laid down as a miniaturize of indoor carpet track laid outdoor near the warisan pertama jaya loading really does attract lots of spectators from outside.with Syam J as the emcee during the makes the crowd go wild with his hilarious actions.

RC drifters and team drivers from the far side of KB across to Brunei come together with groups and attend this event with its full official team uniform showing off their team Jersey just like Manchester united n Liverpool a way to bring more support to their team member during race.teams attending and supporting the race are made out of KB Drifters,Wangan R/C,TDS,Driftech,Kawanria and Knight Drifter its self.

guest of honor presenting the prize,trophy and judge of best cover was suppose to b Mr Mak Song seng but he's still on leave so they decided Hj leong (senior Touring driver) who present during the event to be the judge for the best away the prize and lucky draws was done by Raw.B.

congratulations to Knight Drifters in making their 1st every Tournament a success.thanks to all drivers in participating in this event and a very special thanks to their sponsors Warisan pertamajaya,Little M,Kawanria and more for their support n gifts.

we hope to see you all again in the next upcomming events.

result of the race:
14.AHOY /G.V /46
18.ADAM / YOKOMO /42
26.AZIS /G.V /34
30.G ADING /HPI E10 /24
38.RL 2002 /KYOSHO TF5 /13





Brunei Jublee silver EP Touring Race @ indoor stadium

not like any other even we have participate,this is the most challenging event drifters has ever felt.for those who hav no idea how the format goes,it applys the touring format using transponders.overall its the best race we had ever felt.with much more intense,pressure,stress facing technical failure and competing opponents.datz how touring drivers felt.20 drifters racing not only with each other but all together race against time,laps as well as rankings.when friends and teammates became enemy,enemy became nemesis,theres no counting wen it comes to scoring the best.

the race start off with a 5 heat qualifying round of 5min per heat made out of 3 groups to take the best TQ(top qualifier) and divide the drivers into 2 final main groups: "A"main (top 10) and "B"main (top 20).since theres only 20 drivers participating,theres NO knockout,everyone gets into the finals and race with eachother.

we would like to apologise to eachothers for being intense and rudeness of eachother's greed for competiting holding the best run.overall,we are having a very happening event not only with shouting and yealing,but with laughter fooling around as well with the organizers and other participants.

special thanks to PEMKAR (organizers), Cityneon.sdn.bhd (track sponsor), GHL(transponder Supplier), CH Hobbies (lucky draws giveaways), Kawanria.sdn.bhd (tayar 'rabus' supplier), MCYS(indoor stadium),participants and gerai jual "indomee"

congratulation to TOP TQ, "A"main and "B"main drivers from touring and drift drivers who manage to get into the finals,and to PEMKAR for making this a race a success with satisfactory.

CH Hobbies Drift 1/10 Fun race (29th march)

It was Christ first ever a drift 1/10 fun race organize by CH Hobbies at the CH hobbies Circuit at Tungku link.Thanks to Syazali (LOBO) for bringing down his race format to Christ to make this race a satisfactory to all the participant,and we appreciated to all racer participating in the tournament with the total of 38 racers from Wangan, Driftech, TDS, Knight drifters, Touring Drivers, Tutong, Belait,  and especially to participant who came all the way from Limbang and Miri to Re-United all R/C fanatics in this happening event.Thank you all for comming.

Since this is CH hobbies 1st Drift double Knockout competition which is the most strategic and time consuming race format, organizer by only 2 person, they manage to complete all 38 racers in a battle up to the final which lasted for a 10 hour.congratulation to Christ and Ah-Liang

1st place and Drift king of CH hobbies goes to Wadut(  o  )(  o  ) from Team wangan
2nd place goes to Ak Al-Amin(speed deamon) from Team Wangan
3rd place goes to Atoy(Tuan President) from Driftech
4th place goes to Khairul(pentagonist)

lucky draw winner of Yokomo kit (sponcered by CH hobbies) goes to
(  o  )(  o  ) Wadut again~~~~

we will meet again on the upcomming events

pictures will be updated soon by driftmonkeys and lobo

KB Drift Battle knockout 2 (21st march)

overall of 26 participant made out of local KB drifters and drifters from different districts come together and face off in the 2nd KB Drift battle knockout,and this time is quite surprising for us.we have seen new and old faces attending the events.thats normal.but what surprise us the most is that KB makes a comeback,with new track layout, new gadgets and new skills,the battle was tense and heart pumping,we have never felt so much adrenaline flows as KB drifters makes their way through the battle along came with technical failure occurred in our was a great challenge as well as excitement where we work through together to solve our problems against time.and we would like to say congratulation to Faris (KB drifter) for his effort fighting through the battle to be in 2nd position during the event.keep up the good work

the result:
1st place Atoy (driftech)
2nd place Faris (KB drifters)
3rd place G.M (driftech)

More pictures available at driftmonkeys and KB drifters website

TDS and Driftmonkeys Drift point fun race 8th march

There is slight last minute changes in event venues during the race.we apologize for that.due to the upcoming bad weather approaching yayasan expected to be raining soon.we manage to change the venue to Stadium.we started off at 4pm,the day was turning to dark by then so we proceed,by 5pm+ our prediction was was raining.the race took us at about 6 hours to cleared up 32 racers points.we were racing against time for us that we didnt even have the chance to take pictures of the events.we are greatly appreciated to all KB drifters for their arrival and participation,also for taking and uploading the pictures during the events.Thank you all for your participation and making the race a success.i hope you all satisfied.we would like all Bruneian drifters to commit and reunite together on the upcoming events.

for result please click the image on the right.

Battle Tournament @ KB 7th march

11 BSB drifters from Driftech,TDS,Wangan and individual drifters attended the KB Battle Knockout tournament held at Tudung Saji KB.and we would like to apologize to KB organizer for our delay in arrival.but we had a lot of fun in the was planned to be a drift point tournament,there was a last minute changes in format.but we were able to notice it just before we took off to KB,the weather was fine and the tournament took part unshelter halfway it rains heavily.but the organizer was tempted and wont dissapoint their participant,so the race must go on and move the track to a shelter location and carry on with the events,it was quite a challange.after the race we stayed for a bit longer and mingle with the participant and share drifting experiences.we would like to express our gratitute to all KB drifters for their warm wellcome,and we wish to expect more events from you guys next time.thank you.

sorry we dont the chance to take pictures from the tournament,we we're in a rush that we left our camera.
you can visit KB drifters for the pictures

yayasan EP drift championship 2009 (1st march)

schedule went unwell last 2 nights(28 feb) caused by the bad weather that lead the tournament with no choice but only to postpone the race to Sunday.we were expecting for the same amount of participants as in ICC joining the yayasan EP drift tournament, but only 21 racers showed up for the event.with such small amount of group.the judges discussed that we had enough time to the race format was changed to battle.and everyone agrees.the race starts at 2pm and finished up 3 groups consisting of 21 racers at 8pm.they didnt manage to finish up the whole race due to unexpected downpour striking the event and again the final had to be postponed to friday.but fortunately they have already collected the top 6 finalist going to the final round,with shiny(new) and dusty(old) faces entering the finals there are Jimmy, Vroy, Adut(brakepad), G-Mohd(big show), Deeny and Mamat Kubo(anti-amba) will race to the top 3 final.good luck drivers(amba powers unite!!!!)

next round opponents (friday):

mamat kubo VS deeny
G-mohd VS Vroy
adut Vs Jimmy

ICC 1/10 Indoor E.P Drift & Touring Competion 2009

  R/C EP drift and EP touring sponcered by Cityneon.sdn.bhd which was held for four straight days at ICC in conjunction with RTB awards roadshow 2008

almost a week of pressurizing training,we get to test the track on the 10th.its the 1st ever brunei indoor carpet surface track we hav tested.its quite smooth sailing,until the organizer hand out the official race PVC drift tyre.from smooth drift to drift to the wall for us at first trial,from DK to noobs,from noobs to noober,but then we manage to handle the track traction in a few runs of batteries.

heres some snapshots and videos from the events: