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Brushed Vs Brushless motor

Brushed motor

affortable depending on its turns

doesnt makes a difference with brushless

higher torque (above 20T)
higher peak rpm (below 15T)

carbon brush replace regularly
check armature regurarly
clean internal motor regularly from carbon dust
check rotor balance
bearing maintainance

heat released:
can produce very high temperature during constant burst(above 80 degree celcius)

cheaper than brushless ESC
Operate  high quality Mos-fet,D-class amplifier
light weight.compact and easy to install

modified parts:
-coil diameter, single coil, double coil, coil winding
-C magnet
-carbon brushed

high noise produce

power concuption:
higher power concuption than brushless motor.

90% efficiency between foward, reverse and breaking interval response

variable torque and peak rpm control by adjusting brush position

overheat protection:
no limit,(sold saperately)

cut-off protection:
no low voltage cut-off

higher temperature can cause reduction in magnet flux density

Brushless motor

cost more depends on turns

doesnt makes a difference with brushless

higher torque( above 15T)
very high peak rpm (below 5T)

bearing maintainance
no carbon dust

heat released:
produce high temperature during constant burst but cuts off at certain temperature (not exceeding 80 degree celcius)

more expensive quality ESC
advance programmable setting
runs on 3-phase alternating current system

modified parts:
neodymium magnet rotor core

less noice produce

power concuption:
less power concuption than brushed motor.

50-70% efficiency between foward reverse and breaking interval response

ESC setting using program card

Overheat protection:
enable and disable mode (program card setting)

cut-off protection
variable low voltage cut-off

low breaking power(break torque)
lag interval response

principles of drifting

If you have any RC racing experience, you know that the ideal setup provides you with a well-balanced chassis that sticks to the track without sliding. just the opposite holds true when it comes to a drift machine. The goal here is to de-tune your car to find the perfect middle ground between grip and slide. The following basic setup principles can be applied to almost any 4WD sedan, but as with all setups

DRIFTING specification:

1)TYRES: drifting depends on what surface that ur playing its either smoth concrete,rough road,carpet,tiles n much more.drift tyres have diffrent types of materials such as: hard rubber,plastic,ABS,PVC .as long that ur using a hard compound materials so that u can only have 30%-70% traction on the surface which is sutible for drifting
(DRIFT recomended)for drifting most tyres are sutible depends on the type of surface that your playing

2)MOTOR:most motor is sutible for drifting,for example: brushless,brushed,high torque & high speed.

(DRIFT RECOMENDED) the main thing for a drift motor,it must has torque,power,speed & braking

3)ESC(electronic speed control):esc is what control the motor for its ,speed,brake,peak rpm,reverse,power.

(DRIFT RECOMENDED) esc with foward,brake& reverse control

4)GEAR RATIO:recomended drifting gear ratio usually by depending on the size&tooth of the pinion & spur,the lower the ratio,the more torque it produce more wheel spin& high braking power which sutible for tight drifting.high ratio only produce a high speed rotation to the wheels for a better wide drifting but less braking

(DRIFT RECOMENDED) depends on what motor,tyres,battery&chasis weight that ur using,as long it has a wheel spin when throttle is apply

5)STEARING:this is what control the car to stear left right,it depends on the turning angle of the wheels n the servo

(DRIFT RECOMENDED) for a better stearing response,both front  wheels must be parallell when the stearing is fully turn left/right make sure that ur car has an adjustable tie-rod,high respond servo also needed.if your car looses its alignment due to those setting u may adjust the stearing position to center.



Title Text.

TT-01 conversion 95-100% complete graphite/alloy (red)  

The born of Red Ravens

The only 2 Import tuned of its kind being Extensively upgraded in Red and Black Option parts of a TT-01 complete conversion mode.This is the next rival of TB Evo3 (surikarn)
projected by: Chai and Alai
project name: Red Raven
powered by: online R/C store
price estimated: $xxx close to yokomo Driftmaster
performance: to be tested soon

option items:
1)3Racing Graphite chassis conversion (red edition)
2)GPM alloy 50mm damper (red)
3)GPM Tie rod set (red)
4)YR aluminium Propeller joint (red)
5)YR Alloy Steering set (red)
6)YR Alloy upper suspension mount (red)
7)YR alloy Rear knuckle arm (red)
8)YR alloy front Knuckle arm (red)
9)YR alloy Front lower arm set (red)
10)YR alloy Front upper arm set (red)
11)YR alloy Rear lower arm set (red)
12)YR alloy Rear upper arm set (red)
13)YR aluminium gearbox joint (red)
14)YR alloy servo mount (red)
15)GPM alloy Diff case (red)
16)GPM alloy Damper plate (butterfly) (red)
17)GPM Steel cuplink universal Shaft (red)
18)Hop-up ball diff set
19)JE Mechanics ABEC 9 Ball bearing set
20)Top Cad one way shaft
21)HPI 26T pinion gear
22)Hop-up 55T Spur gear
23)Hobbywing 12T brushless
24)Hobbywing 25A ESC
25)3Racing alloy disc brake (red)
26)Hop-up Gear Diff set

also complete conversion in blue option parts (Dark Sky) available at Warisan
projected done by:
Hj abu,chrono's bro and ismi 

Battery Maintainance

6 cells Ni-Mh

usually people would burst charge their cell battery up to 5A (4000mah @ 5A = 50min charging) which is not adviceable.

Nimh contains nickel metalhydrate(dry nickel powder) works like a conventional dry cells.

the effects of fast charging is that it causes the battery to heats applying ohm's law,this is due to high current input (5A) which is not proportional to the internal resistance of the cells causes the battery to heats up.power may be lost due to heating thus the charging capacitance stored in the battery does not exceed the requirement capacity(example 4000mah battery charge @ 5A = 50min charging,storage capacity below 4000mah)

Theoritically its like pouring a carbonated drinks in the cup quickly and the rest of the fizz overflows out of the cup.

-for a Ni-Mh battery you required to charge at the rate of 2.5A or less.
-never overcharge or overdischarge Nimh above or below its voltage limit.
-do not stored battery in direct sunlight.
-Nimh battery gives out maximum efficiency at temperature (30-50'C) during running.
-do not run battery when it is overheated,this can cause chemical expansion within the battery that can  dammage the cells


battery can give out longer runtime,longer lifespan and high storage capicity


usually lipo users are confused of what current(A) to charge on different lipo capacity.i usually seen people would balance their lipo at a ratio of their lipo capacity to current(A)( example 3600mah lipo @ 3.6A charge) which is not adviceable.this only result in an exact 60min charge period,

lipo contains wet charged chemical elements consist of lithium,methanol and copper,it works like a capacitor cell.which is also known as the world most dangerous battery.

the effects of fast charging (exceeding limit) in a lipo can cause reactive chemical reaction in the cells.this often causes heat buildup(in fast charging)within the cells due high current contact to its large surface area with the chemical and inflate the battery.the inflation is caused by the chemical reaction of the methanol that release a flammable methane gas which is very dangerous in contact with spark.

never EVER discharge Lipo,this has the same effect that can cause explosion or damage cells.once lipo has been discharge below its voltage limit.its very difficult to reverse the process.

-for Lipo battery it is require to charge at a rate of max 2.0A balanced and 1.5A unbalanced.
never overcharge or ever discharge lipo above or below voltage limit
-do not stored lipo in direct sunlight.
-lipo will not produce maximum efficiency when its hot
-lipo may explode if discharge or overheats
-be very aware of inflated lipo.this is a first sign of danger that can explode.
-soft case lipo are very fragile to torn,protect lipo with tape or laminate tape or aluminum tape.
-soft case lipo is more preferable than hard case,because we can monitor battery condition for a softcase.
-hardcase gives external protection but does not provide visibility to the internal cells


battery can give longer runtime,longer lifespan and high storage capicity

Li-po Vs NiMh



-Higher Power to Weight ratio
-Variable burst rate(10C,20C,30C)
-Light weight and comes in different size
-has higher capacity depends on size
-diffrent price range depends on Cells,Capacity,Charge and voltage
-Longer runtime
-Longer lifespan if well maintained


-Unlimited burst rate(punch)
-Replaceable Cells
-Faster Charge/discharge rate
-low maintainance
-Fit most standard R/C battery casing



-High maintainance
-low Charge Rate(max 2A)
-very Fragile
-it can explode or dies easily if not well maintain


-Fixed Price
-Heavy weight ratio
-dangerous if cell chemical leaks
-i can explode and emit very high temperature when damage
-unbalance charging